Economic growth alone is not enough. Growth without equity, without sustainability, without social inclusion, will not reduce poverty and desperation. Economic growth is a means, not the goal, of development. For economic growth to lead to the realization of human rights too, any growth strategy must be part of a comprehensive set of resources that can convert into awareness, into skills and competences.

Students will be exposed to the latest discoveries in several areas - their learning will be shaped by current ideas and expertise which move within an Italian economic crucial sector: Made in Italy - food&wine, luxury&fashion, cultural heritage.

This course delivers a condensed learning experience through 105 case histories.

Key benefits:

  • master management skills in highly diversified business;
  • develop the mindset of an entrepreneur (be creative, take risks and manage the unknown with confidence);
  • become a more reflective, self-aware and strategic member of a general management team;
  • develop yourself, your organization and your career path.

'Entrepreneurs and Managers of Made in Italy' was designed and built to form 'responsive professional figures' that will acquire an organic and up-to-date view of the activities of Italian entrepreneurs and managers working today. All the contributions have been selected and revised in a high usability perspective, as well as the awesome case histories, in which the protagonists are going to tell successful professional stories that are rooting in a period of severe economic crisis.

So, be inspired!

About Course

105 case histories for an explosion of Italian creativity designed to pave the way to many opportunities as well as challenges in need for a response, particularly strategic for the period we are facing. 105 case histories to fully unlock our students' potential. Uniting key fields, this course interacts on an unprecedented level, contributing the objective of grasping the 'triangle' connecting education, research, innovation, and showing how Italy is a simply extraordinary country.  


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